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You know how I hate to brag, but I am the first one to officially sign up and pay for the 51 (51 is the new 50) year Central Catholic Class of 70 Reunion!  As you may or may not recall (trust me, I can't remember anything) the "Glad We are the Unmasked" date is September 18 and the venue is the Lafayette Brewing Company.  More details to follow regarding the exact start time during the evening hours  (I myself have been practicing staying up past 9:00PM) but the date is solid and the price is only $50.00 per person!  How can we hold this event for only 50 bucks you may ask?   Kathy Smith Gambs and Eileen Hession Weiss are seasoned negotiators who know how to get a great price!!  What a bargain!  When they make a deal, they make a deal. LBC will provide a buffet fit for the resting place of Dave Edwards!  The $50.00 includes the buffet, gratuity and a small donation to CC (if the committee doesn't go too wild with decorations!).  Who can resist that!

 We would like everyone to set aside July 1 through July 14th to register for the reunion.  It may sound a little early, but you have had almost two years to ponder whether you want to attend this joyous occasion!  The committee thinks you are up for it!  It is SUPER EASY

You will register in one of two ways, with the first being preferred

1. Paypal - even if we are geriatric, we can spend money like we are teenagers.  Simply access your Paypal account, click on that SEND button and type in Kathy Smith Gambs's email address psekm@aol.com, put in the amount of $50.00 ($100.00 if you bring a guest/spouse/partner/emotional support person etc.), make a note that it is for the Class of 70 and indicate the name of the guest, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, choose the payment type of FRIENDS AND FAMILY, and finish it up with SEND.  Click here to view screen shots from my iPhone as I navigated a process so simple, even I can do it!  How To Pay Using PayPal

Here is the link to Paypal if you need it:   https://www.paypal.com

2. Paper Check (GASP!) - simply send Kathy an email (or paper mail) and write a check to her with the notation, Class of 70 Reunion (and guest name) and carefully place the check in an envelope that you no longer get the joy of licking, put a stamp on it (can't lick those anymore either) and address as follows:

Kathy Gambs, 10101 S 200 E, Lafayette, Indiana 47909

That's it!  Couldn't be easier unless you are philatelist, then you will have to part with a Forever Stamp (I guess you can't have them Forever).

As we recently publicized, our event is only ONE brief fleeting night encompassed by the alumni weekend that involves a football game, a fish fry and a golf outing.  We can take no credit nor blame for those events, but we will keep you apprised of the details as soon as we have them from the organizers.

And just a WARNING, you will be getting reminders to register in your inbox during that two week period in July, so please don't spam me or you will miss all the fun!


Laurie and Your Class of 70 Reunion Committee!

P.S. If you have some lame excuse, like open heart surgery or a lifesaving hair transplant, and you can't meet that time frame, rest assured, we will accept stragglers but it will go on your Central Catholic double top secret permanent record!

P.S.P.S. The class of 70 will be flying solo.  We were willing to share the space with the class of 71 if needed but it's not needed!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!