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Only 7 more days until July 14 (I am sure you can also do this math, but I have been taking Prevagen and it really helps)!  At any rate, at this point if you commit to attend, you will not have to listen to me ramble on about the benefits of Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies (blah, blah, blah) during their multi-generational migration south!  Some of the classmates that will save you from this hideous fate, who have registered and paid their fees are:

Kathy "Chairwoman extraordinaire" Smith Gambs,
Anne "Rocky Moutain High" Sanchelli Schoen,
Jay "Pro Bono" Seeger and his adorable wife Kathy (whom I've never met but I am sure she is adorable),
Gloria Dux Klutzke (we already know she is adorable),
Eileen "The Voice" Hession,
Joe "The Hiking Brainiac" DeWenter,
Connie "Editor" Etter,
Ed and Rose "Racecar spelled backwards is Racecar" Gagen and many more! 

It is a miracle we were able to secure an event location.  I am sure you are all aware, that all of the events and weddings etc. that were scheduled for last year were moved to this year!  This is good for the service industry that took such a hit last year but made it hard to get the Lafayette Brewing Company's upstairs "Beer Room"!  Go grab a beer before you click the link to view the fabulous facility that we will have ALL TO OURSELVES!!  Do you have a cold brew?  Then go ahead and click HERE.  In addition, we will have access to an elevator and our very own bathroom upstairs so we won't have to share with the general public!  I just can't wait to use that bathroom!  Did I mention I have been drinking a cold beer???  Did I mention I have been taking Prevagen???

It is imperative that you make your arrangements early.  As was noted in a previous email, we were trying to secure a "better" rate from the Holiday Inn right around the corner from the LBC, but unfortunately, they cannot give us a block of rooms as they have too many events.  This does not mean they don't have rooms available, they have other commitments.  Kathy contacted several other hotels and they are in the same boat, other events have already secured blocks of rooms with a special rate.  Again, they have plenty of rooms, we just can't get a special rate.  So please use your own memberships in different organizations or hotel properties to secure your accommodations and DO IT NOW!

And finally, for those of you who are concerned about getting that perfect parking space downtown, we plan to start our big night somewhat early, like around 5pm - 6pm, so parking will be abundant!  Also, don't forget you can always use Uber or Lyft and help out those poor Purdue students who are trying to earn some extra cash!

That's it for now!  Have a great day!

The Central Catholic Reunion Committee